Disney Princess goes Global

As part of Disney’s campaign to expand the “Princess” brand on an international level Disney in India has teamed up with Mattel to turn Indian Barbie into Cinderella and with soap maker VVF’s Doy Princess to transform every little girl in India into a Disney Princess wannabe.

As part of a growing trend in India to engage Indian youth in order to expand a brand name’s recognition and popularity, Disney launched its “My Little Princess Hunt” in India back in 2005. This “hunt” was comprised of a contest where little girls could submit a drawing of their favorite imaginary Princess, and Disney offered a trip to Hong Kong for the grand prize winner and the chance to appear on the Disney Channel in India for five semi-finalists.

In addition, “Disney’s Little Princess” contest was held in India in late 2006 as “an elaborate, across-the-line event around Disney Princess franchise. Little girls across India can participate in this event by purchasing any Disney Princess product worth Rs 100 or more and win an entry to audition for the ‘Disney’s Little Princess’ contest.”

The “Disney Princess is also popular in the television space with the branded block – ‘Disney Princess hour’. Viewers can also experience the magical world of Disney Princesses through Disney Movie Magic every weekend in select Adlabs locations in cities across India through classic titles like ‘Snow White’, ‘Beauty & the Beast’, ‘Aladdin’, etc.”

My point is that, in the last few years, not only has the Disney Princess brand gained momentum in the girls’ merchandise market in the US, but also that it is fast on its way to taking over in India where, “in total, girls have access to two billion hours of immersion into the Disney Princess experience.”

India’s “My Little Princess Hunt” may be over, but the Princess Paradigm has officially gone global.


3 Responses

  1. Wow, no wonder Disney is so successful, they’re marketing geniuses, both creating incentive to consume their products and rewarding you for buying. And giving the consumers what they ‘want’/what’s on the other side.

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