Whitney Houston as Disney Princess?

What would it look like if you combined old-school Whitney Houston and the Disney Princesses? I would never have thought of putting the two together, but I found this video on youtube and was highly amused to see the stories of the Princesses set to Whitney’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.”

But when you juxtapose the nature of the progression of the two videos (Whitney’s original music video for “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and the Princess version, that is), the take-home message you get from the videos are complete opposites of each other. In the Princess version, the video progresses from images of the Princesses being sad, lonely, and struggling on their own to, ultimately, images of the Princesses dancing with or kissing their Princes in their “Happily Ever After” moment. In the Whitney video, though, Whitney begins by being totally independent, singing at a concert to hundreds of excited fans, moves to embarrassing and laughing at men as she finds them unworthy (notice when she dumps water on one guy, flips the gender stereotypes and dips the man she dances with in another scene, and physically shakes and throws down a third man), and the video ultimately ends not with her finding true love but with a portrait of her looking happy and content, and all on her own once again. It seems that the Whitney video (1987) sends a message all about girl power, but the Princess video takes the same music and lyrics and makes it all about finding a man to save you.

Original music video by Whitney Houston

Princess version (complete with non-Disney Princesses such as Thumbelina and Anastasia as well)


3 Responses

  1. Really fascinating. I’m curious to see what you would say about this:

  2. There’s such a disconnect between the music and the visuals that it was hard for me to watch without getting bored or at least without only paying attention to the movie part or the music part separately. At least in the Whitney/Disney video there is some continuity with the dancing theme and the characters lip movements almost line-up with the vocals occasionally. I think that these types of videos illustrate how pervasive “Princess culture” is; Disney movies and messages are such a part of people’s personal history and sentimentality that they (inexpertly) put it to contemporary R&B hits.

  3. I’d like to say that its because of the people who make them. I’m personally appalled by some of the music choices people put disney characters with.

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