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“Disney on Ice” and Domestic Violence
May 13, 2007

Disney’s tween mega-hit High School Musical is now an “Ice Tour,” “Disney on Ice” tours seven live ice shows around the world, and even Brunei’s “Royal Highness Princess Hjh Amal Rakiah and other-members of [Brunei’s] Royal family” have seen Disney On Ice’s production of Finding Nemo.

With the success of the “Disney On Ice” franchise, Disney has turned figure skating into a true cash cow and, in their stride to sell everything “Princess,” Disney offers two “royal skating extravaganzas,” one entitled “Princess Classics” and the other entitled “Princess Wishes.” (more…)


“Tween” Disney
April 20, 2007

In addition to marketing the Princess brand to both younger girls and soon-to-be married women, Disney has also found a highly successful niche in the all-important tween market. (more…)

Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding Collection
April 19, 2007

In the blog “Princess Production,” the important overriding issues of Disney’s Wedding Dress collection are comprehensively discussed in the post “Disney Princess Wedding Gowns.” While surfing the web this afternoon I came across this article from today’s issue of The Journal News, a newspaper based in White Plains, NY, which I think might add to (more…)